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Mr Magic and Mr Clown
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Mr Magic,

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He is one of the most popular Magicians in Cyprus, for Kids and Adults alike.

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4200h pressure cooker free instruction His Kids show has comedy, participation, birds, and a Rabbit . He does balloon modelling, magically makes sweets, bubbles and can even make snow for that little something special.

His adult show is more Magic, Mystery, Illusion, comedy and participation, that will keep you well and truly entertained.You can even combine the 2 for family fun.

He is available for Hotels, Birthdays, Christenings, Company parties and any other types of event
For more information call


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www m48 snajper The kids all over Cyprus love him, especially those kids from Nicosia!

Your favourite Clown is available for Birthdays, Christenings and other events.

Able to speak either Greek/English, Mr Clowns 2 hour show consists of:
Balloon Modelling, Treasure hunt,
Party Games
Magic Show. Greek/English karaoke if required.

snajperwww m48 snajperwww m48 snajpersnajper For further information and bookings please call 99-529149

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Both Mr Magic and Mr Clown have Facebook pages click on there names to see


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